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Links for Lethal Game UK version are finally up and correct. They've not sent us the UK cover yet, but you can get the UK links HERE

You can now pre-order a SIGNED copy of Lethal Game at Barnes and Noble! Be sure to click on the box that says "Signed Book".

I'm so excited that WalMart is releasing Shadow Game with a new, exclusive cover in stores! I love the new cover!

Lethal Game will be out March 3, 2020 in hardcover and out in paperback Sept. 29, 2020.

Gallery Books is sponsoring a virtual signing and you can pre-order Lethal Game and have it signed and personalized! You can find out the details HERE

I've finished Lethal Game! You can see the new cover and read about Malichai's story!

Thank you to everyone who bought the Toxic Game hardcover! It did great on the lists and I am so grateful! #5 NYT combined list #13 NYT hardcover list #7 USA Today romance list #8 Publisher's Weekly

In case you missed the book trailer for Toxic Game you can watch it HERE!

The paperback version of Toxic Game will be released October 1st! You can read the first chapter HERE

As we gear up for the March 12th release of Toxic Game I'm writing the next GhostWalker book. I'll be announcing the title and hero in my online community very soon! You can preorder signed copies of Toxic Game at BN.com while supplies last! Use this LINK to order a signed copy!

I got the ARCs for Toxic Game and am really excited about it. I think this is the most romantic book I've written to date. The book releases March 12th and is Draden and Sylah's book.

I finished Toxic Game and the publisher has already put together a great cover for it!

Talking about Gino from Covert Game over on my Goodreads blog! Covert Game's Gino "Phantom" Mazza

Find out more about the heroine from Covert Game - Covert Game's Heroine: Zara Hightower

COVERT GAME will be out in paperback October 2nd!

I'm talking about the GhostWalker series over on Goodreads! Where to Begin in the Series: GhostWalkers

Covert Game is now out -- FYI: It's my 75th book. . . Enjoy!

Covert Game will be out in just a few weeks! If you'd like a sneak peek of the new book trailer you can find it in my online community with some other goodies and lively discussion!

I plan on writing blogs about the GhostWalkers and specifically about Covert Game on my Goodreads blog the week of the book release. You can find my Goodreads blog here.

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Lethal Game

New Release

Toxic Game

Latest GhostWalker Series BookTrailers

Toxic Game

When you have only days to live, you live them unlike any that you've ever known. You fight harder. You love easier. And you hope to go out with integrity and honor.

Toxic Game

Covert Game

Zara Hightower is an expert in Artificial Intelligence with a special ability that has Whitney sending her to China to covertly take back the stolen GhostWalker information. Her chance to escape the men torturing her, and Whitney comes in the form of a scarred man she finds she can't be without.

Covert Game

Power Game

An old enemy and a new threat team up to bring a war home to New Orleans, right to the front door. International espionage and betrayal that even Dr. Whitney would never allow has spiraled into a confrontation that will forever change the GhostWalkers. One that not everyone will survive.

Power Game

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Lethal Game ... The Gift of Romance!

It's official! Gallery Bookshop is sponsoring a virtual book signing for Lethal Game! If you've ever wanted a book signed and personalized, you can pre-order Lethal Game and let me know what you'd like me to write. There are some restrictions, but find out all the details at Gallery Bookshop my . . .

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GhostWalkers, Carpathians, Leopards, Shadow Riders and Bikers ... Oh My!

I thought I'd update everyone on what books are coming out and what I'm writing now. Toxic Game released in paperback recently and I'm so happy to have Draden and Shylah's story out once more. These two stole my heart and are one of my most favorite couples. I think Toxic Game is one of the most . . .

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GhostWalker Research Part 4 of 4: Where in the World?

From California to Montana and from the Bayou to the jungle I've set my GhostWalker novels in a variety of locations. Since I don't do a great deal of travel anymore I research these locations in several ways. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to still go there myself such as with the Louisiana Bayou . . .

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