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Shadow Rider Series

Shadow Rider Series News

Shadow Flight book cover and back copy are now up on my website along with pre-order links!

I finished Shadow Flight and turned it in! This is Taviano's book and I'm so happy with how it all came together. They are still working on the cover, but we should have something up later this year.

Shadow Warrior made #1 on Publishers Weekly, #2 on New York Times, #2 on USA Today, and Shadow Warrior has even made Apple Ibooks Top 10 e-books!

You can now watch the book trailer for Shadow Warrior! I hope you enjoy it. Follow the link HERE

Shadow Warrior will be out June 4, 2019! We're currently working on the Shadow Warrior book trailer which will be out in a few weeks.

USA Today did a cover reveal for Shadow Warrior! Check out the reveal and an excerpt!

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Shadow Warrior

Latest Shadow Rider Series BookTrailers

Shadow Warrior

Vittorio knows someone has betrayed them when he finds enemies in the Ferraro club. He follows them to find a woman, kidnapped. A woman with a specific gift she knows nothing about.

Shadow Warrior

Shadow Keeper

Billionaire playboy Giovanni Ferraro couldn't ride the shadows. So when a dangerous stalker threatens waitress Sasha Provis he has to depend on his assassin's skills to keep her safe. Sasha knows she's in trouble. Not only from the bizarre stalker, but from her unwanted attraction to a man she knows is dangerous. But, something pulls her toward him. Something she can't explain, and can't deny. From New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan a new Shadow Riders novel.

Shadow Keeper

Shadow Reaper

The Ferraro family is under attack. One of them will die. A mysterious woman applies to be Ricco Ferraro's Shibari rope model. Ricco must decide if she's the threat, or if those who sent her are.

Shadow Reaper

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GhostWalkers, Carpathians, Leopards, Shadow Riders and Bikers ... Oh My!

I thought I'd update everyone on what books are coming out and what I'm writing now. Toxic Game released in paperback recently and I'm so happy to have Draden and Shylah's story out once more. These two stole my heart and are one of my most favorite couples. I think Toxic Game is one of the most . . .

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Villains in the Shadows

Shadow Warrior is unique in that we see the Ferraro family being attacked in more than one way. I liked the idea of keeping the family off-kilter so they didn't know where to focus their attention. If they choose poorly, someone they care about or love would pay the ultimate price. The obvious vil . . .

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Grace Under Fire: Shadow Warrior's Heroine

Grace Murphy is a resilient character and I enjoyed writing her story. She's had a difficult start in life, in and out of foster care. She finally finds someone who is a brother to her, who cares about her, just to find that he is not who she thinks he is. He's dangerous. And he's jealous of anyone . . .

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